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The Brazilian pop producer and musician Wesley Ignacio was born on April 9, 1997, grew up listening to and composing several songs, got into the professional music scene in 2014 with the first international release


Childhood and Youth:


Wesley Ignacio was born in a family with big musical history, his uncle was a member of a band, his brother, father and cousins also played instruments and composed songs. It’s also said that his great-grandfather already at the beginning of the century spent his free time writing and playing songs for the family. Wesley begun with a small keyboard, which he learned alone to play at the age of four, when he reached six year old, Wesley began composing his first tracks with a keyboard and a guitar. At age 10, he entered the music production scene using his first computer. After that, Wesley was already discovering new tools and software skills and making new friendships with producers and professionals in the international music industry.



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Nobody can change the world like you
We live in a small world of experiences
And you can change everything in everywhere!

To make a change is not a fantasy
it’s a choose!
You need to wake up in the morning
And ask yourself: Who are you now?

You can change everything in everywhere!

wesley ignacio

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